Manufacturer of Aluminium Profiles

Eirak Aluminium Company

Eirak Aluminium Company is a major technologically advanced manufacturer of aluminium profiles in Iran

This company is equipped with advanced, fully automatic production lines, and designs and manufactures a wide range of aluminium profiles in different sizes for numerous applications

Made In: Arak, Iran

About Us

Creating Novel Ideas

Eirak is not just an aluminium manufacturer, but a center which transforms novel ideas into quality aluminium products

Eirak Products

    All kinds of aluminium profiless used in advanced, high-tech industries

    All kinds of industrial aluminium profiles

    All kinds of construction aluminium profiles

    All kinds of aluminium profiles used in the manufacture of double-glazed windows

    All kinds of aluminium profiles used in the manufacture of roll-up doors

    All kinds of aluminium profiles used in façades

    Any aluminium product or profiled beam suiting your needs

    Aluminium Products

Eirak Technical Abilities

Using state-of-the-art machinery and automatic production lines

Performing all stages of designing, engineering, and manufacturing in an expert fashion

Employing expert workforce

Adopting the most up-to-date manufacturing methods

Manufacturing products under international standards

Technical Abilities

Eirak Advantages

Being located at the center of Iran, having easy access to sea and land borders, therefore, reducing the delivery time

Having access to the high seas and sending products to any country around the world

Offering reasonable prices as products are manufactures in high quantities; managing the final price

Offering reasonable prices thanks to low energy costs in Iran

Manufacturing high-quality products using primary materials of quality

Manufacturing high-quality products using high-tech machinery and production lines

Exporting to neighboring and CIS countries


We swell with pride as our customers around the world confirm the quality of our products

These are just some of our products in construction

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